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We are so appreciative of the financial support received from of donors in the past years. Proper maintenance of your loved one’s grave site is our number one responsibility and priority which includes spring clean-up, mowing, trimming trees, seeding grass, spraying weeds, road maintenance, and snow removal. For example, on average, the groundskeeper spends approximately 75 hours each time mowing and trimming the grounds.

Greenwood’s only sources of income are from the sale of grave plots, memorials, donations, and perpetual fund interest. With the increased popularity of cremations and the increased costs of maintenance, our income has decreased while expenses have continued to increase. The financial returns on our perpetual fund are minimal due to low-interest rates over the past several years.

We hope you will consider making a donation and help keep Greenwood Cemetery the beautiful place we all want it to be. Gifts can be made online via the “Donate Now” button above or you can mail your gift to:

Greenwood Cemetery Association
Attn: Shar Quam – Treasurer
PO Box #252
Brookings, SD 57006